What is SEO?

(1) Keywords - keyword phrases that you wish to promote.

(2) Locations - it is good to take areas where you are already strong and become preeminent; your accounting records can show you where the majority of your customers are and where most of your income comes from - then target those 7 cities and 10 zip codes. You can go after your neighboring cities with your location at the center. You can pick a target area and use the cities and zip codes there.

(3) Original Content - Your own descriptive and unique information, your press releases, newsletters, articles published in trade magazines, etc. I need 5 or 6 pieces of your original content.

Google thinks every company should be promoting themselves in this way, and they reward website owners that do it well with better search rankings.

I recommend NumberOneOnTheList.com's $1299.99 New Customer 16 Week Special Program. It is a package of external search engine optimization services, which are priced $685.00 for the first six weeks, $520.00 for the next six weeks plus $230.00 for one month of maintenance but instead of paying a total of $1435.00 you pay only $1299.99.

The above prices break down as follows: 16 weeks is 112 days, $1299.99 divided by 112 days is $11.61 per day x 30 days = $348.22 per month. After this 16 weeks, maintenance is $230.00 per month.

An effective but lower cost approach and is the NumberOneOnTheList.com Stimulus Package: 4 keyword phrases in 4 cities + 4 zip codes for 12 weeks = $715.00 for 12 weeks then maintenance is $145.00 per month. Sold as a package of 12 weeks of external search engine optimization services plus one month of maintenance at the discounted price of $779.99.

The $779.99 price breaks down like so: 16 weeks is 112 days, $779.99 divided by 112 days is $6.97 per day x 30 days = $208.93 per month. After the 16 week package, maintenance is only $145.00 per month.

Your business needs to have a high profile online because your potential customers are using search engines. The internet is the most frequently used marketing platform in the world. People who are right now searching for your product or service are some of the hottest leads possible.

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