Is a Picture Worth A 1000 Words?

Let’s say that a webpage is about remote control and one of your keyword phrases is “remote control” and you’ve got a picture of a remote controller.

When a visitor lands on your webpage you have less than 20 seconds on average to interest that visitor. If the total of the sizes of the pictures on a webpage add up to more than 500 K then you run the risk of making a visitor wait while your page loads.

A page of nothing but text on a webpage can appear boring to human visitors but automated programs sent by search engines to index your page (“spiders” or “crawlers”) see only text. A picture of a remote controller should be named “remote-controller.jpg” (not "left_front.jpg") and include ALT text (shown when the viewer places the mouse on a picture) that describes the picture as a “remote controller”. The words in the name and the ALT text can be seen and indexed by search engine spiders. Using your keyword phrases appropriately in the filenames and ALT text is savvy internal search engine optimization.

Lets say your webpage has a company logo, the company logo is named “ABC-Company-Logo.png” and the ALT text says “ABC Company remote control solutions”.  Do not make text part of the image, instead use surrounding text and a caption to include text to your logo. Search engine crawlers can not see text contained within a picture itself.

Tom Jacoby
[email protected]