Web Design

Emanation offers web design to its clients, for the purpose of creating a web presence that drives business to our customers, and increases their profits. Our designs, in conjunction with search engine promotion, have driven millions of dollars of business to our customers in the last year alone.

Many businesses who have websites that are not properly designed and promoted doubt the effectiveness of a website to create sales. Businesses that do have these elements properly done have no doubts at all, and continue to invest in their web presence simply because it is the highest yielding investment a business can make.

A great case in point is one of our clients in Arizona, Capuzzo Construction. This framing subcontractor had a website for many years, but it had problems. It loaded slow, the front page had no hooks on it, and it was no where in the search engines. Emanation completely re-did the design, promoted the site on an ongoing basis so it ranked in the top spot s for the top keywords, which we identified for the clients.

At first, the company recieved several calls in the first few months from home owners with small projects, and they recouped their investment in abotu 3 months. At month five, a large general contractor called them of the net, meeting were set up and on the strength of the quality demonstrated on their website they won a 22,000 square foot custom residence, which as you can imagine was quite good for the company. They still do work for this contractor and several other who found them on the web, and the return on that investment continues to multiply everyday.

We maintain a seperate design portfolio website, www.myfavoritewebdesigns.com, though it is all part of Emanation. Having marketing professionals design your website is a huge benefit. Our sites are optimized for search and for sales. We see so many websites with all the right graphics and all the right code, yet, the site does not sell, or it is lousy in its ability to rank on a search engine.