How To Write A Blog Post Or Press Release

Blog posts and press releases should present information in this sequence: (1) subject, (2) organization, (3) location, (4) advantages, (5) applications, (6) details, (7) source.

Compose your blog post with the most important information first. If a reader stops before the end, they have gotten the key facts.

The headline should be brief and to the point. Use the present tense. BACALA'S IS BEST ITALIAN IN GARDEN CITY PARK

Your first paragraph should contain all of the principle facts as well as the name and location of your company and what you're announcing. Baccala's Restaurant at 2370 Jericho Turnpike in Garden City Park is the 'Best Italian Restaurant' according to the latest poll by...

Later paragraphs should give additional information in order of importance with the biggest news earliest.

You can include a quote from a top executive at your company (manager, president, owner). Avoid cliches that start with It is my pleasure or I am proud to announce, and introduce an element that hasn't been mentioned in the rest of the release. Keep it short. We grow our own tomatoes and it's the secret of our sauce, says Head Chef Rocco Vitale.

Write in the third person - no I, you, we and us - use it, he or she and they. Acronyms and abbreviations should be avoided or clearly spelled out at first mention - Number One On The List (NOOTL). Simple language is best. Avoid buzzwords. When proofreading, delete all of the adjectives and adverbs you can. Don't use industry jargon.

Any keywords used in your post should link back to your website.

Sign your post with your name, your email address and your website address.

Sounds like a lot of rules but the above are just guidelines - the best blog posts and press releases communicate some of your own interest for your business.

A blog is your forum to say what you want and blogging should be fun.

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Tom Jacoby
[email protected]